Rockin' Self-Care Fridays with Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM

It is 2015 (our third season), in addition to our expert interviews we will be offering concise, life saving Self-Care messages for you. We invite you to join the fun and commit to your best life and health each day! Remember Self-Care is a way of life, not an event and is the only True Health Care. Feel free to comment and pass along each video message to your friends and family.


In our Rockin' Self Care series, each message will:

  • Contain a lifestyle choice that can be life changing when put into use.
  • Contain an idea, strategy or tool you can start applying to your life now.
  • Have a ripple-of-change impact when shared with your friends and loved ones.
  • Help you to choose self-care and be your own self-care advocate therefore avoiding unnecessary suffering.
Watch Amara Charles Video here and learn about healthy sexuality! Follow the 3 action steps and comment on how this will enhance your health below.

February 6th: Amara Charles
Highly acclaimed sex and intimacy expert Amara Charles has facilitated spiritual sexuality programs around the world since 1989. Amara’s # 1 Best‐Selling book The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka is inspiring men and women everywhere to become more caring, creative lovers. Her humorous, insightful and often provocative presentations inspire audiences to uplift their relationships to profound levels of intimate passion and pleasure.
Amara has been a guest on VH1, BBC, ABC, and HBO as well as numerous national and international relationship conferences, radio and TV shows. She’s a passionate transformational speaker committed to bringing more wisdom, warmth and happiness into people’s intimate lives.
  • A powerful energy that can help you heal, become more peaceful, productive, and creative
  • Why our sexuality is vitally important to your health
  • How sexuality can help transform your life today
  • Using your profoundly powerful sexual energy wisely

Self-Care Action Steps:

  • 1

    Reflect upon how you direct your sexual energy? Is it healthy?

  • 2

    List 3 ways you can cultivate a healthier perspective on sex.

  • 3

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Write below how you will use this Self-Care Message in your life:

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