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April 22nd: Joan Rosenberg, PhD

Joan Rosenberg

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April 22nd

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Joan Rosenberg, PhD

Joan I. Rosenberg, PhD, creator of Emotional Mastery™ and Emotional Mastery Training™, is a highly regarded expert psychologist, master clinician, trainer and consultant. As a cutting edge psychologist who is known as an innovative thinker, trainer and speaker, Joan has shared her life-changing ideas and models for emotional mastery, change and personal growth in professional and educational seminars (e.g., Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy, John Assaraf’s Money² (Neuroscience of Success) and Master Your Mindset series, Bo Eason’s Personal Story Power, Mary Morrissey's Alpha Omega Experience, Rick Frishman’s Author 101 University), psychotherapy sessions and graduate psychology teaching (currently a Visiting Professor at Pepperdine University). Joan’s distinction: guiding individuals to achieve their highest potential by helping them create, master and sustain desired changes. She is a featured expert in the critically acclaimed documentary films ‘I Am’ and ‘The Hidden Epidemic’ (along with Dr. Daniel Amen) and she has been seen on CNN’s American Morning show, OWN, and PBS stations nationally, along with other appearances across TV, radio and print media. She is founder and creator of Emotional Mastery™, the only systemized emotional training and conditioning approach that teaches lay persons and mental health clinicians alike how to foster unwavering emotional strength, self confidence and self-esteem. She serves on John Assaraf’s Scientific Advisory Board, has one patent in performance skill development, is a published author (Mean Girls, Meaner Women) and is published in professional books and psychology journals. A second book on Emotional Mastery is slated for publishing. To learn more about Dr. Rosenberg,click here.

To learn more about Joan Rosenberg, click here.

Call Topic: How Emotional Strength Leads to High Self-Confidence and YOU Unleashed!

  • How self-attunement leads to emotional strength
  • The connection between asking for help and self-confidence
  • The balance between independence and dependence for rock-solid self-confidence
  • How to feel capable and resourceful
  • Free your memory of the future to simultaneously decrease anxiety and move toward your dreams


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