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April 29th: Debra Cummings

Debra Cummings

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Debra Cummings

Debra Cummings spent years in depression, a constant state of anxiety and having panic attacks on a regular basis. It took numerous prescription medications for Debra just to be able to function. She is a person who came from a childhood of sexual abuse, low self-esteem, no confidence, and lack of purpose in her life until she met Jo Dunning and was trained in her extraordinary techniques.Using the same powerful techniques that changed her own life, Debra has assisted thousands of others improve their lives quickly, easily and in remarkable ways.

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Call Topic: Just show up and your life will change!

  • A simple way to improve your life.
  • Gain clarity, focus and motivation just by listening
  • Increase abundance, reduce pain and worry.
  • Even if nothing else has worked for you.

Call Offer:

4 weeks of Remote Energy Healing. It's a "done for you" way to change your life. Each person can submit a different item for me to work on each week. As a bonus, a Brain Balancing Process will be done for each person that registers.


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