Transmute & Release Trauma Season 2
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Season 2 - Month 3: Transmute & Release Trauma: Anette Carlstrom, Awakened Modern Day Mystic

Anette Carlstrom

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Anette Carlstrom, Awakened Modern Day Mystic

Anette Carlstrom is an internationally acclaimed bestselling author, speaker, recording artist and recognized as “Sweden’s answer to the Dalai Lama”. Anette has worked with thousands of people as a global leader and is a catalyst for igniting and accelerating a person's journey of Awakening into the Oneness. She is a NOW teacher and carries an extraordinary Presence of Love that is completely, utterly and joyously contagious. Anette inspires each person to recognize, feel, accept, embrace and swim in the ocean of their personal Divine connection to Source. She has a special gift referred to as "Oneness activation blessings" that dissolve mind chatter, flower the heart and accelerate living a fully authentic life in your magnificent Divine Presence.


As you listen and engage with Anette, you will deeply feel your own precious and sacred connection to the truest Power of who you are. When you experience that connection, release resistance and have the Awareness of your Divine Light fully anchored in your Being, you will live a life free of trauma, and bask in everyday miracles, abundance and love on all levels.

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Call Topic: Are you ready to…

  • Release the root cause of all problems
  • Step out of illusion and concepts- understanding why the mind cannot help you
  • Rewire your neuro pathways for healing stress, trauma and old wounds
  • Discover the ultimate power of Divine Bond Effect

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FREE Gift - 2 MP3s - The Oneness Blessing & The Solution to Every Single Problem

An extremely powerful, guided meditation experience that will unleash the essence of your full potential to the secret "Alchemy" to healing on all levels. You will receive Oneness Blessings which are an intelligence that works for the whole of who you are on all levels. This meditation assists You to Awaken into the Presence of your most authentic self. You will see how there is no such thing as blame or victim and what forgiveness really means. You will understand how contribution and giving are the most positive karma you can create and is the golden road to living in full Abundance (not just money, in all areas).

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The Truth of Reality

Anette's signature monthly call is full of extraordinary, Awakened, wisdom guidances that catapult your Awareness to seeing reality as it authentically shows up in your life. There are powerful heart centered guided meditations, sacred chanting and many, many transformative Oneness Blessings, which help remove the filters of the mind. These filters have kept us in our stories that create pain and suffering. You will discover the clear path to living your True Reality which naturally evolves by deepening your own personal connection to Source. She delves into how the mind chatter and ego play with us and keep us looping. As we are evolving in our consciousness, this monkey mind of incessant conversation will quiet and declutch from totally running the show. Then living the life of your dreams and destiny will prevail without suffering. This program is geared to release you from being a prisoner of that mind. These guided meditations help you step through the veils and release what is not your true essence. Anette also touches upon our relationships and does a special Oneness Blessing particularly for healing of the parental relationships, which is extremely important because that effects all others in our life. At the end, she chants the "Liberation Sutras", a very sacred mantra that activates an acceleration of liberation by letting go of illusions and living from your highest potential. This program will anchor and resound deeply in your consciousness as there are many, many ecstatic Oneness Blessings. These sublime energies will enlighten your Being!

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Elevate your Quality of Life

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A Three part series that is the equivalent of building a new house inside of you… major internal renovations that will create the cornerstones and foundation for sparking transformation in every cell of your BEing. You will embark on a profound journey to live every day with limitless possibilities and really know that is real and possible, not pie in the sky. This courageous adventure will enhance and accelerate your deepest connection to the most important relationship in your life. As your Awareness expands, centers and grounds in your consciousness with these life-altering programs, you will be transported into the higher energetic realms of healing and manifestation. The emotional triggers that you experience now will fade as you understand the key to freedom is to embody and embrace all the suffering and discomfort. By bringing these resistances of struggle into the light of Awareness and they will be released as you bathe in the Powerful Presence of YOU.


- Going beyond YOUR story - the Doorway of Awakening

- Letting go of Contradictions and Sabotage

- Installing your New Operating System

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