The Power of Relationships to Ourselves, Others and Money – Season 2
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Season 2: The Power of Relationships to Ourselves, Others and Money: Amara Charles

Amara Charles

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Amara Charles

Highly acclaimed sex and intimacy expert Amara Charles has facilitated spiritual sexuality programs around the world since 1989. Amara’s # 1 Best‐Selling book The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka is inspiring men and women everywhere to become more caring, creative lovers. Her humorous, insightful and often provocative presentations inspire audiences to uplift their relationships to profound levels of intimate passion and pleasure. Amara has been a guest on VH1, BBC, ABC, and HBO as well as numerous national and international relationship conferences, radio and TV shows. She’s a passionate transformational speaker committed to bringing more wisdom, warmth and happiness into people’s intimate lives.

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Call Topic: Discover Your Erotic Nature for Sexual Health and Happiness

  • When it comes to sex most couples live inside a dark box of rules and habits that keep out intimate passion, unaware that sweet pleasure is within arms reach.
  • Fulfilling happiness comes from daring to own your intimate desires and learning how to express them.
  • How can you discover and unleash your erotic nature?
  • Find the secret to expressing your core power and see how having a healthy sexual life spreads fantastic breezes of orgasmic vitality through all your relations.
  • Discover your Erotic Lover's Type for better intimate communication
  • Learn the four best ways to increase your sexual happiness and health
  • How communicating in a way your lover 'gets' totally transforms passion in the bedroom
  • How listening for and expressing desires (your way) is the ultimate secret for success

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