Month 9 “Power of Community”
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Power of Community: Kevin Snow , RMT, LLC, CHt, Reiki Master

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Kevin Snow , RMT, LLC, CHt, Reiki Master

Kevin Snow, RMT, LLC, CHt, Reiki MasterMitakuye Oyasin (Translated as I am related to all things)Wile standing in a Medicine Wheel in Abiquiu New Mexico I was struck with this realization of what theses Lakota words truly mean. When we truly acknowledge our connectedness to all things we are I right relationship with them. Right relationship is the key to the creation of functioning communities. We all must be in right relationship with ourselves in order to be in relationship with other humans and all other living things both physical and metaphysical.Intuitive Counseling gives you some hints as to what your future holds and what decisions, moving forward, will be most beneficial to your life. I use as many as 11 different oracle and tarot decks to help you interpret the answers you are receiving to your questions. Clarity is the key to being able to make healthy decisions in your life and this is an important modality to use when you are facing important life choices. I also use kinesiology, and other energy modalities to answer specific questions you may have. As with all intuitive tools it is important to create a safe and clear environment to ensure the information is in your highest and best good. I will help you in creating that safe place to investigate your deepest and most pressing questions.

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Call Topic: I am related to All Things

  • Communication in unity equals community
  • Simple communication tools to build community
  • Listening - Heart connection - Coherence
  • Cooperation in place of competition
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