Month 9 “Power of Community”
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Power of Community: Pamela Roy

Pamela Roy

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Pamela Roy

Pam Roy is Executive Director of Farm to Table, a New Mexico non-profit organization working on regional food and farming issues including community capacity building focused on affordable and nutritious food access, Farm to Cafeteria, linking schools to local farmers for fresh produce, and food and agriculture policy. She has over 25 years of organizational development experience for farmers markets, direct market opportunities, and rural food retail initiatives both domestically and internationally. She works on related policy issues at the local, state and federal levels. She is director of the New Mexico Food and Agriculture Policy Council, serves on the Santa Fe Food Policy Council, was a governor's appointee to the NM Food Gap Task Force and is a past Board member of Community Food Security Coalition.

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Call Topic: What's on Your Plate - Creating Healthy Food Solutions for Our Communities

  • Creating healthy, affordable, and culturally relevant access to food
  • Farm to school, senior centers and other institutions - creating relationships with NM farmers and buyers
  • Creating systemic solutions to health inequities in New Mexico.
  • Civic engagement - helping communities address policy issues in a united efforts towards healthy solutions.
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