Month 9 “Power of Community”
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Power of Community: Jonathan Crews

Jonathan Crews

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Jonathan Crews

Being an effective Jyotishi or Vedic Astrologer, is not just about their technical ability to analyze a birth chart. What is equally important is the wisdom gained from life experiences that have defined the astrologer's life. To that end, I would like to tell you a little about Jonathan Crews. He has had a life-long interest in personal and collective transformation. His desire to enliven the highest potential of human life was inspired by his early exposure to the Vedic wisdom of India, particularly the understanding of Vedanta, the underlying unity permeating all things. He began meditating and doing yoga in his early twenties. In 1975, he became a certified meditation and yoga instructor and, for the last 38 years, has taught meditation, yoga, and the Vedic sciences around the world.

Call Topic: Oneness as the basis and the power of Community

  • Dictionary defines Community as a unified body of individuals
  • How egoistic tendencies isolate individuals and destroy community
  • Finding the unifying factor within all individuals
  • Oneness is the basis and fulfillment of community
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