Month 8: Empowerment
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Empowerment: Wayne Pernell, PhD

Wayne Pernell

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Wayne Pernell, PhD

Author, speaker, and high-performance coach, Dr Wayne Pernell helps leaders achieve higher levels of success and satisfaction in their lives. For the past three decades, he has worked with individuals and organizations internationally to help them define their success and then to set a path to attain that success.

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Call Topic: Stepping Into Your Greatness - Your Power!

  • Learn to eliminate the words that are killing your relationships!
  • How to promote healthy interactions for vibrant relationships
  • Permission Granted: Stop Apologizing and Start Showing Up
  • Break from being stuck and spiral up towards personal freedom!

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Call Offer: Communication is so important, I'll give an e-book of Wayne's Top Five Watch Words to swap out for better relationships and success in your daily life. Go to and enter your name and email and I'll get that out to you.

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