Month 8: Empowerment
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Empowerment: Dr. Sam Berne, Dr.

Dr. Sam Berne

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Dr. Sam Berne, Dr.

Dr. Sam Berne a pioneer in vision science, integrative health, and subtle energy therapies has been a leader in the field of Behavioral/Neurodevelopmental Optometry and Vision Therapy for over twenty-nine years. Dr. Berne is an internationally-known author, researcher, facilitator, and teacher who uses a multidisciplinary approach applying many disciplines some of which include GDV bio-field analysis, Continuum movement, Medicinal Aromatherapy, Craniosacral therapy, Dolphin- assisted therapy, and Photo (light) therapy with respect to expanding human potential. He is a faculty member at The Esalen Institute, has written four insightful books and produced a DVD on autism. He is licensed to practice Optometry in Hawaii and New Mexico.

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Call Topic: The Art of Seeing: Integrating Our Eyes, Brain, and Body For Wellness and Empowerment

  • The dynamic relationship between the eye-mind-body connection as it relates to health and wellness.
  • How visual patterns and imprints are an adaptive response to stress, trauma, and cultural conditioning.
  • The application of Vision Therapy, Medicinal Essential Oils, and Continuum Movement help people to not only improve the health of their eyes, but how my approach affects the health of their entire body, physical, emotional, spiritual
  • My Dolphin Swim Wellness Retreat Program
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