Month 8: Empowerment
Catherine Birch Storey, DOM, MA, LAc - Join the Self-Care Revolution!
Empowerment: Catherine Birch Storey, DOM, MA, LAc

Catherine Birch Storey

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Catherine Birch Storey, DOM, MA, LAc

Learn how sound vibrations bring coherence to your energy field. Experience the toning technique to create the sacred marriage of heaven and earth with in your heart. Balance the masculine and feminine channels of the body with a silent sounding breath technique. Discover how to use the Mars and Venus tuning forks directly on the body to balance the endocrine system, and reset your stress response. Dr. Birch is a leading expert in the field of psycho-acoustics, energy psychology and harmonic medicine. She is the founder of Harmonic Living which teaches people how to harness the power of sound and vibration to raise the frequency and coherence of their electromagnetic fields. She specializes in women's health, emotional trauma and integrating spiritual awakening.

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Call Topic: Harmonic Tantra – Balancing the masculine and feminine energies with breath, voice and the sonic frequencies of the Mars/Venus tuning forks

  • Learn empowering frequencies that help balance your endocrine system
  • Balance your masculine and feminine channels for optimal power
  • Empower yourself with powerful stress reducing techniques
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