Month 8: Empowerment
Max Highstein, MA - Join the Self-Care Revolution!
Empowerment: Max Highstein, MA

Max Highstein

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Max Highstein, MA

Max Highstein has authored over 60 award-winning guided imagery programs on personal growth, wellness, and spirituality, including bestseller, The Healing Waterfall. With 40+ years of experience and training, Max offers his unique perspective and keen observations to help clients uncover blind spots, release blocks, and make a positive shift.

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Call Topic: Clearing Your Path

  • Why people get "stuck" and have the same obstacles come up over and over.
  • How to break free of those patterns and get unstuck
  • The most effective technique you can possibly do to release negativity
  • The one and only way to look at creation makes sense.

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Call Offer:FREE Guided Meditation for Inner Peace, by Max Highstein from The Healing Waterfall. This program offers an easy to follow, effective way to connect to inner peace. First you’ll experience a deep, calming relaxation. Then you’ll have a chance to ease your mind about anything that might concern you. Use this program to experience peace and feel good.This program includes a coupon for a huge discount on any of Max’s over 60 beautifully crafted inner journeys!

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