Month 7: Exercise as Medicine
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Exercise as Medicine: Lorin Parrish

Lorin Parrish

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Lorin Parrish

Lorin Parrish has followed a lifelong passion for the healing arts, nutrition, the environment and well being. After years of working & living abroad, Lorin settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1982. Lorin grew up in southern California with a creative passion that became her driving force in everything she did. At 16 she moved to Hawaii to attend high school and live with her brother Tom. In Hawaii, she was first introduced to yoga, vegetarian cooking and lifestyle, eastern philosophy, and pipeline surfing. In 1982 she continued her career teaching and practicing manual therapy, energy medicine, massage and bodywork. During this time Lorin developed several programs in bodywork and manual therapy. Some of these programs included Ortho-Bionomy, Cranial Sacral, Medical Massage, Sports Massage, Somatic Therapy, Reflexology, Homeopathy and Visceral Manipulation. Her latest business endeavor BODY, began in 2004 as an inspiration to create a new paradigm in business by establishing a place for people from all walks of life to gather and share in a diverse community center where everyone wins.

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Call Topic: Love Your Body

  • Physical strength is a reflection of one's internal state of being.
  • We work out to feel powerful, connected to the earth and more.
  • The importance of balancing our physical workout with an internal workout.
  • Where you can find nourishment in life.
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