Month 6: The Power of Relationships to Ourselves, Others and Money
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The Power of Relationships to Ourselves, Others and Money: Nina Simons

Nina Simons

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Nina Simons

Nina Simons is a social entrepreneur and Co-founder & Co-CEO of Bioneers. Previously, she served as president of Seeds of Change and as director of strategic marketing for Odwalla. In addition to advancing practical social and environmental strategies, Nina has an enduring interest in the leadership of women and girls, which has long been reflected in Bioneers’ conference programming and media. Nina is co-editor of Moonrise: Power of Women Leading from the Heart, and co-teaches Cultivating Women's Leadership, a six-day intensive forum for women entrepreneurs, donor activists and other nonprofit practitioners. To learn more about Nina, click here.

To learn more about Nina Simons, click here.

Call Topic: The Empowered Leader

  • Empowerment through the balance of your Feminine and Masculine
  • Healing Inwardly and Our Web of Connection
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