Month 6: The Power of Relationships to Ourselves, Others and Money
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The Power of Relationships to Ourselves, Others and Money: James Twyman

James Twyman

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James Twyman

James Twyman is the New York Times bestselling author of 15 books, including "Emissary of Light," "The Moses Code," and "The Barn Dance." In 1994 he put the peace prayers from the 12 major religions to music and began traveling the world as "The Peace Troubadour," often being invited by world leaders and peace organizations to perform the concert in countries at war. He has performed in Bosnia, Iraq, Serbia, South Africa, Israel, Northern Ireland, and many other places. James has also produced seven music CD's, and is the producer/director of five films, including the award winning "Indigo" and "The Camino of Saint Francis.

To learn more about James, click here.

To learn more about James Twyman, click here.

Call Topic: Life's Magical Journey

  • The power of peace in our life and relationships.
  • Our powerful relationship with life.
  • Cultivating relationships through peace.
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