Month 5: Earthing, Electro-Sanitizing, and Growing Your Own Garden
Tracie Nichols, MA, IAC - Join the Self-Care Revolution!

May 28th: Tracie Nichols, MA, I.A.C.

Tracie Nichols

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Tracie Nichols, MA, I.A.C.

Tracie Nichols is the creator of Soul-Truthing intuitive mentoring. She is an earth intuitive and transformative mentor helping earth-loving changemakers, solo practitioners and other magical healers unearth their fierce confidence and find the solid ground of their own unique relationship with the earth. "I believe it’s all right there in your heart. It just takes a little help blowing away the smoke and moving the mirrors for you to find it. Truly, you’re amazing, and we need you." To learn more about Tracie, click here.

To learn more about Tracie Nichols, click here.

Call Topic: The Restorative Power of Knowing You are Nature

  • Discover your personal relationship with the earth
  • Find increased confidence and clarity
  • Join the vibrant, thriving community of your ecosystem
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