Month 5: Earthing, Electro-Sanitizing, and Growing Your Own Garden
Michelle Czolba, M.Sc. - Join the Self-Care Revolution!

May 14th: Michelle Czolba, M.Sc.

Michelle Czolba

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Michelle Czolba, M.Sc.

Michelle Czolba, M.Sc. is the owner, writer, natural skin care educator and herbalist at Wildly Natural Skin Care, where she shares her knowledge of truly natural skin care. Michelle has owned a handmade skin care company and has made natural skin care products for almost 10 years. To learn more about Michelle, click here.

To learn more about Michelle Czolba, click here.

Call Topic: Grounding Through Natural Skin and Body Care

  • Learn how using natural skin care is a spiritual act.
  • Become familiar with three herbs and ways to use them in self-care.
  • Create a body care ritual designed to ground energy.
  • Connect to the Earth in a real and tangible way using natural ingredients.

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