Month 4: Unleash Your Brain Power
Nan Akasha, CHT - Join the Self-Care Revolution!

April 16th: Nan Akasha, CHT

Nan Akasha

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Nan Akasha, CHT

Nan Akasha, CHT, is an Executive Coach and High Income Strategist for accelerating Sales Revenue, Big Money and peak performance, High Income Hypnosis™, #1 Bestselling Author of “Already Rich: Secrets to Master Your Money Mind”, Inspiring Keynote Speaker and was chosen as WE Magazine for Women Top Women in Ecommerce for 2012. Nan has also been selected to be profiled on the National TV show "America's Premiere Experts" in 2013 and is also a co-creator and producer on a new book and documentary for the Napoleon Hill Foundation, called "Think and Grow Rich: Offspring of Thought". To learn more about Nan, click here.

To learn more about Nan Akasha, click here.

Call Topic: Mind Metamorphosis: Dump the BS in your Brain and Harness Your Power to Quantum Leap your Health, Wealth and Happiness

  • How you can master "Mind MetamorphosisTM" and be free from the limits and BS that hold you back.
  • 3 Ways to Master Your Money Mind and why it is the key to freedom
  • How to Free yourself from the past and step into a profitable future faster, while having more fun.
  • How to step out of the comfort (death) zone and into uncertainty and harness the field of pure potential.
  • A 3-minute daily ritual to expand your mind, Dump the BS in your brain and manifest at high speed.
  • Experience High Income Hypnosis.
  • The 3 lies that KILL your SUCCESS and motivation.

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Flip Your Rich Switch: 26 Days to more money, ($260 Value) SPECIAL FOR SCR members $97 PLUS a special BONUS CALL: "Mind Metamorphosis™” Re-program yourself for the Success You Want. You can re-use this audio over and over to reach your goals faster. Click here to access this special offer.

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