Month 4: Unleash Your Brain Power
Jim Kwik, CEO - Join the Self-Care Revolution!

April 9th: Jim Kwik, CEO

Jim Kwik

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Jim Kwik, CEO

Jim Kwik, CEO of Kwik Learning, has taught speed-reading, memory improvement, and accelerated learning for two decades. His clients include Marriott, Virgin, Nike, Fox, Zappos, Singularity and Harvard University. His work is featured in the NYT best-selling book, "Use Your Brain to Change Your Age." Jim's trainings are used in over 80 countries. He's founder of the SuperheroYou Brainpower Conference

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Call Topic: Unleashing Your Super Brain: How to boost your memory, focus, and mental agility at any age!

  • Remember the names and faces of nearly everyone you meet.
  • Overcome overload as you read faster with greater focus and comprehension.
  • Get the most out of your brain, regardless of your age or education.
  • 10 Tips to keep your brain alive and strong at any age.
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