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April 23rd: Richard Fenker, PhD

Richard Fenker

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Richard Fenker, PhD

Dr. Richard Fenker is an author, Sport Psychologist, Professor of Psychology and former Team Member / Science Director of the US Gymnastics Team. His Topic, "Pushing and Letting Go" reminds us that most activities involve some mix of pushing (intentionally doing things) and letting go (allowing things to happen). To learn more about Dr. Fenker, click here.

To learn more about Richard Fenker, click here.

Call Topic: Pushing and Letting Go: The Dance of Performance in Sports and Life

  • It is easy to get caught up in.
  • Letting go is about allowing well practice behaviors in sports or events in life just happen without conscious effort.
  • The dance of life and sports is really about finding the balance between pushing and letting go.
  • Each sport and each activity in life requires a different mix to reach healthy, optimum balance state.
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