Month 3: Transmute & Release Trauma
Michal Curry, CHTP, CYI - Join the Self-Care Revolution!

Transmute and Release Trauma: Michal Curry, CHTP, CYI

Michal Curry

March 19th, 2013

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Michal Curry, CHTP, CYI

Michal comes from a family of healers, her dad, a priest and her mom, a nurse. What she learned was that you do unto others before ever doing unto yourself. Therefore there was not much self-healing happening. As a student of healing touch, Michal learn tools for self-healing. The healer healing herself. What a great idea! For almost 20 years, Michal has been working as a healer with matters of the heart, trauma, and the dying. Michal also teaches conscious awareness through hatha yoga which includes asanas, breathwork, imaging, qigong, creative mantras and the Observer Self. These are all tools for self-care and wellness. Yoga means coming together of mind, body and breath.To learn more about Michal, click here.

To learn more about Michal Curry, click here.

Call Topic: Breathe for Your Life

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