Month 3: Transmute & Release Trauma
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Transmute and Release Trauma: Jennifer Landa, MD

Jennifer Landa

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Jennifer Landa, MD

Dr. Jen Landa is the Sexpert MD: Author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women and creator of REWIRE YOUR DESIRE, a program to help women regain their sex drive. Her friendly, accessible style has made her a favorite among women looking to get the passion back in their lives.

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Call Topic: Rewire Your Desire: Every Woman's Guide to her Sensual Self

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    These 3 videos reveal 11 simple "Passion Practices" that make it easy for you to re-activate pleasure centers, discover fresh new excitement and romance in your bedroom, and rewire your mind to enjoy sex.

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    Get the spark back in your relationship (and your life). Dr. Jen will help you re-ignite your lost passion. The best love affair of your life is yet to come - and you don’t have to change partners to find it.

    Charge up your passion with Dr. Jen’s 30-day Rewire Your Desire program: 4 webinars teaching you everything you need to know about bringing back a fresh desire and enthusiasm for sex. That’s almost 6 hours of training (Dr. Jen’s fee for consultations on sexual health and hormone balancing is $595 an hour) worth $4,760 if you visited her privately.

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    My book, The Sex Drive Solution for Women, is an Amazon best-seller. I’m offering your audience a FREE download of my chapter on "Childbirth and Children." If this sounds familiar to you, you will learn a lot from this chapter:

    Before pregnancy, my husband and I had a great sex life. But now that our baby is here, my urge for sex is gone.

    I love my husband and find him attractive, but sex with him does not interest me.When I do share intimacy with my husband, I am able to enjoy it, but my urge for sex is gone, and I'm not making any moves toward that type of intimacy.

    Our lack of sexual intimacy is affecting our relationship. My husband feels unloved and wonders if I still like him.

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