Month 2: Heart & Breath Matters
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Heart and Breath Matters: Kris Miller, CHFEB, CSA, LDA

Kris Miller

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Kris Miller, CHFEB, CSA, LDA

Kris Miller, a retirement and living trust expert, has advised over 5,000 families in the past 20 years on retirement and estate planning issues. She coined the phrase, “pretirement” to emphasize how we need to prepare for our Golden Years way before we retire. Her new book, Ready For PREtirement, 3 Secrets for Safe Money and a Fabulous Future (Morgan James, September 2012) is a comprehensive guide to help anyone at any age to plan for retirement.

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Call Topic: Are You PREpared for PREtirement?

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    Kris' book, "Ready for PREtirement."

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