Month 2: Heart & Breath Matters
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Heart and Breath Matters: Elisa Lodge "Wowza"

Elisa Lodge

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Elisa Lodge "Wowza"

As a group leader at the world famous Esalen Institute since 1979, Wowza teaches, Natural Genius, The Sacred Actor, Emotional Fitness, and Ageless Vitality. A transformational speaker, at age 76, Wowza shares how she busted loose of the aging game. A short list of her presentations includes Expressive Arts Therapy at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland; Song Talk, The First and Future Language at the Sound Healing Conference; A Quantum Physiology of Consciousness at the Sequoia Symposium for physicists presenting their work on the quantum field; and Embody the Brilliance-The Physiology of Leadership at the Social Research Corporation in Japan and Skyros Institute in Greece. For the last ten years, she has taught Women's Empowerment, Expressive Arts for Performing Artists and Gestalt Therapy in Mainland China.

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Call Topic: Whispers of Wow: Be a Champion of Life Force!

  • Dissolves shallow breathing habits and emotional buildup.
  • Cleanses your body of toxins, fatigue and stress.
  • Stimulates stamina, endurance and freedom of expression.
  • Supports a healthy, radiantly fit lifestyle in which the life force - the spirit of life itself is the prime mover of inspired action.

Call Offer:

A Video Clip demonstrating the Whispers of Wow - accessing unlimited source of creative energy while attuning with self-affirmation statements that inspires unstoppable self-confidence. Click Here to email Wowza, who will personally send you your gift.

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