Month 12 “Celebrate Life & Pay it Forward”
Rev. Dr. Adara Walton - Join the Self-Care Revolution!
Celebrate Life & Pay it Forward: Adara Walton, ND, PhD

Adara Walton

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Adara Walton, ND, PhD

Reverend Adara L. Walton, N.D., PhD., is an ordained Reverend, Doctor of Naturopathy and PhD in Natural Health, a Bio-Energy Kinesiologist, Certified Quantum-Touch.

Adara L.Walton is an ordained minister with a Doctor of Naturopathy and PhD in Natural Health. Rev. Dr, AdaRA holds 7 Reiki masterships in the traditional forms of Reiki* (Usui and Karuna), the Japanese modern form- Gendai-ho, Sekhem-Seichim, Kundalini, Gold and Lightarian Reiki. She is also a trained shaman and Amanohuna* master (sister energy of Reiki) who teaches and trains people in those modalities. She was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, graduated from John Adams High School (1967) and from Kent State University with a B.S. in Education, cum laude, (1971) and M.Ed. in Higher Education & Administration (1972).

Rev. Dr. Walton is the Asst. Pastor of Greater Grace Unlimited Temple (MD) and CEO of HeartBridge Wellness, L.L.C. Further, she is a Bio-Energy Kinesiologist and member of the Energy Kinesiology Association (EnKA) where she formerly served on the Board of Directors. She is also nationally certified in Attractor Field Technique (AFT-Dr. Kurt Ebert), Certified as a Quantum-Touch

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Call Topic: Healing Your Life with Bio-Energy Kinesiology

  • Almost any issue you have can be addressed by having a balance session.
  • Muscle-checking (testing) is used to access the body's Highest intelligence to help you get answers and heal.
  • You can clear problems in your life on many levels including addressing disease and physical issues to help you live a healthier life..
  • Learn to resolve nutritional, emotional and spiritual issues for self- improvement and more self-love,

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FIRST 3 listeners that call to schedule a session will receive my book FREE--"Every Body's Truth- Muscle Testing For The Masses."

Info to get FREE book for first 3 callers that schedule a session is by emailing to: [email protected]

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