Month 12 “Celebrate Life & Pay it Forward”
Bill Parravano, The Knee Pain "Guru" - Join the Self-Care Revolution!
December 17th: Bill Parravano, The Knee Pain Guru

Bill Parravano

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Bill Parravano, The Knee Pain Guru

Bill, The Knee Pain "Guru" will give you the life-long solution to the pain in your knees.

Say No To Knee Replacement is the distillation of his life's work over the past 14 years. It's a cutting-edge template that is key to eliminating chronic knee pain. Using a holistic approach, Bill's teachings are based on what he calls the 5 Pillars for a Pain-Free Life: water, breathing, nutrition, sleep and stretching.

Bill has traveled world-wide, bringing comfort and relief to thousands of people.

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Call Topic: How comfort can improve your knee pain?

  • Eliminate Knee Pain in 3 easy Steps
  • Learn the secrets to strong healthy knee joints
  • Make your knee pain a distant memory.
  • How 3 simple secrets can create impactful change.

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