Month 11 “Gratitude”
Carol Adamski, M.A - Join the Self-Care Revolution!
Gratitude: Carol Adamski, M.A in Counseling

Carol Adamski

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Carol Adamski, M.A in Counseling

Carol Adamski, M.A., is a warm, funny, insightful, powerful leader dedicated to helping others make positive, effective change in their lives.Carol is a speaker, life and professional coach and has led various workshops?nationally and internationally?on leadership, personal empowerment, inner wisdom, communications, and relationships. With 20 years experience, she has demonstrated strength, compassion, and the ability to listen deeply and ask just the right questions. In her retreats and workshops, she creates experiences that are transformative and memorable.Carol?s success began as a top sales person and later as business director of a multi-million dollar corporation. Regarding gratitude: "When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. Ok, the menu may have had something to do with it. As time went on, I realized that appreciating my life, family, friends, and work brought a sense of vitality, optimism, hope and abundance.

Because of the numerous, powerful effects gratitude has had in my own life, I knew it would have the same positive outcome for others who practiced its gifts in daily life. This desire to share the amazing influence of heartfelt gratefulness led to the creation of Gratitude Habitat

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Call Topic: Gratitude: Be Prepared To Be Amazed

  • Five reasons to practice gratitude
  • Expressing gratitude is an act of abundance
  • Giving your children the gift of gratitude
  • Coming to gratitude in hardship is not easy

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