Month 10 “Be Fabulous At Any Age!”
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Be Fabulous At Any Age: Ellen Wood, Author, Speaker and Columnist

Ellen Wood

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Ellen Wood, Author, Speaker and Columnist

This award-winning author, speaker and columnist is one of the leading pioneers of age-reversing consciousness. It was forty years ago that Ellen discovered the power of mind/spirit techniques and applied them successfully in her relationships, career, and self-actualization. Then came a turning point in her life: she watched her mother waste away with Alzheimer’s. Several years later she noticed she was experiencing mental decline similar to the early signs of Alzheimer’s. Her distress became the wake-up call of a lifetime. Ellen realized she could use the same techniques that had transformed other areas of her life to change her aging process.In 2004 Ellen began evolving her grow-younger program of mind/spirit practices by adding action steps for the body as well. She faithfully follows her own advice and Ellen now enjoys a clear, sharp mind and a strong, healthy body. As a carrier of the Alzheimer’s gene, APOE-e4, Ellen is proving she can keep that gene in the ‘off’ position with practices that strengthen and invigorate mind, body and spirit. We’ll find out how old she is during our interview on October 29. Be prepared: her enthusiasm and joie de vivre are contagious.

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Call Topic: Want to grow younger?

  • Why what you eat may be killing your brain and what you can do about it right now.
  • How your dominant and non-dominant hands help train your subconscious brain in less than 3 minutes a day.
  • Her greatest secret for youthfulness that re-balances the energy in your body and helps you grow younger.
  • How you can help your body release toxins and remove dead skin cells in just two minutes a day.
  • The most effective way to train yourself to observe your thoughts that takes no time at all.
  • Why “doing nothing” can change everything.

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FREE mp3 of track 3 of my Affirmations to Grow Younger CD. Many people have told me how effective it has been for them when they listen to it daily and train their subconscious mind. Feel free to burn it to a CD and listen in the car while driving and repeating the affirmations (I pause after each) and to fall asleep as well at night.Click Here to Listen, Right Click and "Save as" to download

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