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Thoughts and Food is Medicine: Lynn Rose

Lynn Rose

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Lynn Rose

Lynn Rose has been touted, “The Voice Of Transformation.” She is a multi-faceted Singer/Songwriter, who also has made her mark as a Host for TV and Radio. She started out having starred in a National Broadway show and from there, appeared in TV and Film including, ‘General Hospital’,‘Talk Soup’, a CBS TV Movie, Hosting for ESPN, a Disney Film and more.

As a Headliner, Lynn has toured all around the world having opened for Sheryl Crow, Jay Leno and Kenny Loggins and many more. She even sang at The Super Bowl 2003. Her passion and her purpose is to connect people to their hearts and help empower them thus, Lynn is also a Motivational Speaker.

She parlayed that passion into hosting her own show, “Life With Lynn Rose” heard across the country on the syndicated Personal Achievement Radio Network, having interviewed the greatest leaders in that field such as: Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitely, Mark Victor Hansen and many more.

Along her path, she saw a need for people reaching their goals in a way that ensured success along with inspiring them to evolve into who they dream of being in the process – thus she created the highly successful and effective system, “The GoalGetter” (see

Her music, however, is dearest to her heart as her vision is to combine the world of Personal Growth within Music and Entertainment. In line with that vision she has released her most recent CD, “Simply The Best – Music To Motivate, Inspire and Connect You To Your Heart” and is currently in progress with a joint venture project of aligning the LEADERS in Personal Growth (such as Marianne WIliamson and Wayne Dyer) and with music put to their concepts, along with a TV show along similar lines that is in first stage development.

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