Exercise as Medicine – Season 2
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Season 2: Exercise as Medicine: Scott Smith, CMO "Chief Motivating Officer"

Scott Smith

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Scott Smith, CMO "Chief Motivating Officer"

Known as the 9-minute motivation guy, Scott Smith was one of the first to enter the world of podcasting when he created the most downloaded self-help podcast in the history of iTunes. Since 2005, The Daily Boost has been downloaded nearly 10 million time and has continuously maintained it?s top status. Scott began professional life as an shock jock. Preferring a more positive approach, he made the switch to voiceover talent, and eventually a television produceruntil everything came crashing down. Burned out, stressed out, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and weighing 248 pounds, his world was rocked when his wife of 26 years received a terminal cancer diagnosis. While he couldn?t save her, what happened in the following 100 days would lead him to become the Founder and Chief Motivating Officer of MotivationToMove.com - and change the lives of thousands around the world. Leveraging his unique blend masterful storytelling, humor, a good bit of "Scott Logic", Scott?s new business quickly grew to prolifically produce 16 daily motivation audio programs per week; The Daily Boost, The Fitness Boost, and The Business Boost. To date, he has producers over 7,000 podcast episodes along with hundreds of live events and training programs. Scott?s driving mission is the belief that "Life Begins When You Move"? and his super-secret recipe for success comes down to "Stand Up, Take a Step, Repeat? and keep going until you create the life of your dreams!

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Call Topic: The Simple Formula That Turns a Stressful Life Into Happy Life!

  • Ground Yourself In Reality. Information is KING! Take an honest look at what is causing your stress in your life and decide what change is needed.
  • You WILL Change When You Wear Yourself Out... and you don't have to wait.
  • Walk Before You Run! Stress Relief Begins With Baby Steps
  • Stress always goes away when you follow our simple "5 R's formula.

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