Exercise as Medicine – Season 2
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Season 2: Exercise as Medicine: Dr. Steve Kineret, Wellness, Fitness & Longevity Expert

Dr. Steve Kineret

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July 1st, 2014


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Dr. Steve Kineret, Wellness, Fitness & Longevity Expert

Shockingly, 2 out of 3 American adults now are overweight or obese. Rates of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes all linked to excessive body fat continue to climb. Clearly America’s health is failing at an alarming rate—something urgently needs to be done!

After losing his mom to cancer in 2011 Dr. Steve Kineret decided to dedicate himself to this epidemic and began showing others how to sidestep disease and decline.

After years of focused study Dr. Steve has distilled his information down to a simple to follow 3 step formula that consistently offers real solutions for people with real life schedules…so they can finally lose weight and get healthy in the quickest and easiest way possible!

Dr. Steve’s lifelong interest in physical fitness actually goes back to age 17, when he began training with his first martial arts instructor, the legendary Chuck Norris, former World Champion and Action Star. Dr Steve is not only a black belt himself, but also the proud father of an all-black belt family-the exception being his faithful sidekick Coach Fergie—his 140 pound Mastiff who obviously has no need for a black belt!

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Call Topic: How to turn your Body into a Fat-Burning Inferno

  • Torch off pounds
  • Fit into your "skinny jeans" and
  • Get More Sleep
  • Have More Energy
  • Only 15 Minutes/Day to Incinerate Fat like Wild-fire
  • Works Even if Finding the Time & Motivation is a Problem

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