Exercise as Medicine – Season 2
Dr. Michael Smith and Coach Brodie Whitney - Join the Self-Care Revolution!

Season 2: Exercise as Medicine: Coach Brodie Whitney, CPCC and Dr. Mike Smith, TCM, FMC

Coach Brodie Whitney, CPCC and Dr. Mike Smith, TCM, FMC

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July 29th


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Coach Brodie Whitney, CPCC and Dr. Mike Smith, TCM, FMC

Michael Smith is a respected pioneer in the field of Integrative medicine. He helps people heal from digestive problems, auto-immune conditions, chronic pain, emotional distress and adrenal exhaustion. Combining Nutritional, Functional and traditional Chinese medicine, he is the primary developer of Neuro Somatic Therapy, co-founder of the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences and co-founder of the 40 Hours 2 Fit.

Brodie Whitney is a certified professional Results Coach, helping people clarify their goals, claim their destiny and navigate their pathway to success in life, in business and in their body. Brodie is a leading coach in the industry, owner of Dreamjoggle Coaching and also a coach for the #1 team of coaches on the planet. He has trained and coached intensively since 2008, helping hundreds of people transform their lives and claim their destiny.

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Call Topic: Make Fitness Your Lifestyle How to Build Muscle, Burn Fat and Have FUN Getting In the Best Shape of Your Life!

  • How building muscle and burning fat increases your metabolism and slows aging.
  • How fitness can be your path to recovery from chronic poor health or being out of shape at any age.
  • How to eat and train healthfully for optimal fat burn and muscle build long term.
  • How resistance training is more effective than cardio.

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