Empowerment – Season 2
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Season 2: Empowerment: Miranda Barrett

Miranda Barrett

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August 26th


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Miranda Barrett

Miranda guides and mentors those whose life may be falling apart at the seams, yet they know the transformation is in service to their Spiritual awakening.

Miranda is a passionate and devoted leader. Her loving and wise support will guide you on a transformational journey as her powerful teachings unveil the truth of who you are. Her gift is to offer potent tools, which inspire exquisite and beautiful self care and empower you to live the fullest and most authentic life possible. As a mentor and guide, Miranda walks her talk and is fearless about her own path of self discovery, as she weaves the sacred into the mundane. The simple, yet powerful premise offered by the mystic Rumi is the foundation of Miranda's philosophy and mission:

"Never give from the depths of your well, always give from your overflow." Miranda gives Council and Guidance for the Mind, Body and Spirit through her Programs, Writings, Products and Retreats. With a background in Nutrition and Energy work, Miranda is the Creator of "A Woman's Truth and Reiki, The Spirit of Energy, an Author, Speaker and Retreat Leader, a Reiki Master and Yoga and Meditation Guide.

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Call Topic: FEMINE POWER ~ Fully access your Supreme Birthright!

  • Release the belief that power is a dirty word.
  • Live in balance between your masculine and feminine energy.
  • Honor your feminine essence as a doorway to your spiritual nature.
  • Empowerment versus vulnerability and your own autonomy.

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To claim your free gift of the book "FEMININE POWER ~ FULLY ACCESS YOUR SUPREME BIRTHRIGHT" in PDF format, please visit my website link: www.mirandabarrett.com, enter the phrase "Embody Your Radiant Power" in the subject and message field. We will happily send you your own copy.Know this guidebook is a powerful resource from "A Woman's Truth" teachings and is specifically designed to reignite your feminine vitality.

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