Empowerment – Season 2
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Season 2: Empowerment: Harmony Rose West, MA

Harmony Rose West

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Harmony Rose West, MA

• Author, "Soul-full Self-Care" series of books

• Author, Bless You Mom Inspirational Card Deck and E-Book

• Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

• Certified Hypnotherapist

• Master of Arts in Shamanic Arts, Institute of Shamanic Synthesis

• Advanced Food Healing Instructor

• Usui Reiki Master

• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner

• Circle/workshop facilitator for mothers, girls and women

• Parenting, Self-Care and Food as Medicine Coach

Harmony is a born teacher and healer with a passion for growth, and a mission to support her fellow humans in their health, well-being and spiritual development.

Her four plus decades of personal growth and learning have created a massive "toolbox" of powerful tools and modalities to support others in becoming the magnificent, powerful, loving beings that they truly are.

Someone who truly "walks her talk", Harmony is a wise woman of deep wisdom and knowledge who has dedicated her life to education, healing, and the flowering of a new paradigm – one that starts inside each one of us.

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Call Topic: Soul-Full Self-Care: Intentionally Tending to Your Spirit

  • Learn Simple Ways to Calm Down the Stress Response and Feel Better Within Minutes
  • Get Grounded and Feel More Connected to Both Your Body AND the Earth
  • Nurture Yourself in Little Ways that Deeply Impact on Your Health and Well-Being
  • Celebrate Now and Gratefully Anchor in the Powerful Present

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