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Season 2: Empowerment: Cheryl Fields, Specialized Financial Planner

Cheryl Fields

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Cheryl Fields, Specialized Financial Planner

Cheryl is a specialized financial planner and founder of You Can Be Your Own Bank. She began in the investment world a decade ago, with one of the worlds largest global investment firms. After just a few years, in 07 and 08 when the market crashed, she saw so many people retiring on a "tank half full". She realized that there was a better way to live well, save more, and enjoy tax free income in retirement. She now speaks across the country sharing that message, and helping people take back much of the taxes and interest that they pay unnecessarily to the banks and the IRS She is also author of the upcoming book "5 Ways You're Getting Screwed Financially (and what to do about it!) which will be out in the fall.

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Call Topic: The Path to Prosperity

  • How you can pay off all of your debts, including your mortgage in 9 years or less without paying any more than you're paying right now for your monthly bills.
  • The #1 wealth stealer in IRA's and 401k's
  • The #1 Secret that the banks hope you never find out
  • How to beat the system and enjoy more of your hard earned money

Call Offer:

We have several great free gifts on our website - when you simply tell us where to send them at YouCanBeYourOwnBank.com. We have an up to the minute Insight Report titled "The 3 Wealth Stealers and the 3 Wealth Builders" that will make the journey ahead a much easier one for you financially. It's a must read in this ever changing world, and in light of new regulations, we share with you the way to take advantage of the rules that can benefit you. And, especially for the Self Care Revolution listeners today, we are sharing with you our Communication Profile - which is a fun way to look at how two different people look at money, and how they look at saving or spending it. It's a great way for couples, or business partners to take a short multiple choice survey, and it will instantly tell them how they relate to each other - what they view in the same way, and what they may have absolutely opposite views on! It's fun, and really informative and thought provoking! (a $97 value)

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We also have a financial assessment which offers the 12 absolutely critical questions that you will want to answer if you're looking at up leveling your financial situation. After you take just a few minutes to answer the questions, you'll receive a complete guide to where you are, and where your strengths are, and where you might need to do some work. ($197 value)

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Today only, and for the first 10 people who respond, we would like to offer you a free 30 minute strategy session where we will do a complete review of where you are now, and map out a strategy to get you where you want to be. It is a great way to get a clear vision of the financial opportunities that you might be missing. A great value for you and your family, you'll learn how to maximize your resources, take advantage of the "breaks" that are out there, and put your strategy on a path to prosperity! ($250 value)

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