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Robyn and Kevin on Empowerment, Season 2, 2014! of the Self-Care RevolutionTM

“Self-Confidence is contagious”

Stephen Richards


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“Empowerment is being aware that there is no one to blame for my choices and actions; that I have a  personal choice and responsibility for my life.”

Steve Maraboli




Cheryl Fields

August 5th, 2014


Live Call!

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The Path to Prosperity

Cheryl is a specialized financial planner and founder of You Can Be Your Own Bank. She began in the investment world a decade ago, with one of the worlds largest global investment firms. After just a few years, in 07 and 08 when the market crashed, she saw so many people retiring on a “tank half full”. She realized that there was a better way to live well, save more, and enjoy tax free income in retirement. She now speaks across the country sharing that message, and helping people take back much of the taxes and interest that they pay unnecessarily to the banks and the IRS She is also author of the upcoming book “5 Ways You’re Getting Screwed Financially (and what to do about it!) which will be out in the fall.

  • How you can pay off all of your debts, including your mortgage in 9 years or less without paying any more than you’re paying right now for your monthly bills.
  • The #1 wealth stealer in IRA’s and 401k’s
  • The #1 Secret that the banks hope you never find out
  • How to beat the system and enjoy more of your hard earned money


Harmony Rose WestHarmony West

August 12
th, 2014


Live Call!

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“Soul-Full Self-Care: Intentionally Tending to Your Spirit”

Harmony is a born teacher and healer with a passion for growth, and a mission to support her fellow humans in their health, well-being and spiritual development.

Her four plus decades of personal growth and learning have created a massive “toolbox” of powerful tools and modalities to support others in becoming the magnificent, powerful, loving beings that they truly are.

Someone who truly “walks her talk”, Harmony is a wise woman of deep wisdom and knowledge who has dedicated her life to education, healing, and the flowering of a new paradigm – one that starts inside each one of us.

  • Learn Simple Ways to Calm Down the Stress Response and Feel Better Within Minutes
  • Get Grounded and Feel More Connected to Both Your Body AND the Earth
  • Nurture Yourself in Little Ways that Deeply Impact on Your Health and Well-Being
  • Celebrate Now and Gratefully Anchor in the Powerful Present





Carla Garcia

August 19th, 2014


Live Call!

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Carla Garcia, D.O.M. is the primary provider at the Thermography Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has been performing thermographic screening for more than 15 years.Before becoming a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Carla studied homeopathy, herbs, Western medicine, and European Biological Medicine. She has studied with and trained physicians in the US, Canada, and Germany. Thermography has been at the forefront of her practice since 1999. The Thermography Center sees hundreds of patients from the U.S. and Canada and is a training center for practitioners learning about thermography.

  • A safe method of breast screening that does not involve pain or radiation.
  • Taking control of your breast health.
  • Making sense of mammograms, ultrasounds and MRIs.
  • What a thermographic scan of the whole body can reveal.


“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”

Henry David Thoreau

We’re on Season 2 “Empowerment” series of the Self-Care RevolutionTM and let me tell you, it has been a powerful and life-changing year. If you’ve been listening to our live talks, then you know just what I’m talking about! And if you haven’t there’s no better time to join the Revolution!



Miranda Barrett

August 26th, 2014


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 “FEMINE POWER ~ Fully access your Supreme Birthright!

Miranda guides and mentors those whose life may be falling apart at the seams, yet they know the transformation is in service to their Spiritual awakening.

Miranda is a passionate and devoted leader. Her loving and wise support will guide you on a transformational journey as her powerful teachings unveil the truth of who you are. Her gift is to offer potent tools, which inspire exquisite and beautiful self care and empower you to live the fullest and most authentic life possible. As a mentor and guide, Miranda walks her talk and is fearless about her own path of self discovery, as she weaves the sacred into the mundane. The simple, yet powerful premise offered by the mystic Rumi is the foundation of Miranda’s philosophy and mission:

“Never give from the depths of your well, always give from your overflow.” Miranda gives Council and Guidance for the Mind, Body and Spirit through her Programs, Writings, Products and Retreats. With a background in Nutrition and Energy work, Miranda is the Creator of “A Woman’s Truth and Reiki, The Spirit of Energy, an Author, Speaker and Retreat Leader, a Reiki Master and Yoga and Meditation Guide.

  • Release the belief that power is a dirty word.
  • Live in balance between your masculine and feminine energy.
  • Honor your feminine essence as a doorway to your spiritual nature.
  • Empowerment versus vulnerability and your own autonomy.