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Smarter in 7 Minutes - Applying the lessons of neuroscience for a healthier, Happier and Sharper Brain: Jeffrey Gignac, C.H., C.H.T. MNLP

Jeffrey Gignac

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Jeffrey Gignac, C.H., C.H.T. MNLP

Having created over one hundred acclaimed self improvement titles for business, coaches and government programs, Jeffrey is considered by today's top thought leaders as the leading creator and innovator of brainwave stimulation technology. Jeffrey is a published author, writing his first book in 1999 "The Enzyme Revolution" with his most recent contribution, "The Secret Skill" appearing in "Adventures in Manifesting" Success and Spirituality. Jeffrey has appeared on local and national TV and Radio shows and most recently as a TEDx University of Windsor Speaker.

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Call Topic: Smarter in 7 Minutes - Applying the lessons of neuroscience for a Healthier, Happier and Sharper Brain

  • Learn the easiest way to begin using the single most scientifically proven method for improving memory, happiness, productivity and brain health (hint: It's not brain games)
  • Avoid these top "3 brain killers" to reduce your risk of developing dementia related diseases
  • Discover how to unlock your inner genius in minutes with this unique mind and body approach
  • Use this simple technique to stop fear and anxiety from showing up in your everyday life

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