Rockin' Self-Care Fridays with Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM

It is 2015 (our third season), in addition to our expert interviews we will be offering concise, life saving Self-Care messages for you. We invite you to join the fun and commit to your best life and health each day! Remember Self-Care is a way of life, not an event and is the only True Health Care. Feel free to comment and pass along each video message to your friends and family.


In our Rockin' Self Care series, each message will:

  • Contain a lifestyle choice that can be life changing when put into use.
  • Contain an idea, strategy or tool you can start applying to your life now.
  • Have a ripple-of-change impact when shared with your friends and loved ones.
  • Help you to choose self-care and be your own self-care advocate therefore avoiding unnecessary suffering.

Watch Dr. Nalini Chilkov explain how to prevent and overcome cancer. Follow the 3 action steps and comment on how this will enhance your health below.

February 20th: Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Dr. Nalini Chilkov is the Founder of is a leading edge authority on Integrative Cancer Care, Immune Enhancement, Optimal Nutrition and Wellness Medicine.   She is the author of the best selling book Thirty Two Ways to OutSmart Cancer | How to Create a Body in Which Cancer Cannot Thrive.

Dr. Nalini’s OutSmart Cancer Programs are recognized as the most comprehensive, science based, safe, natural programs for supporting cancer patients, cancer survivors and those who do not want to get cancer to Get Well, Stay Well and Live Well beyond cancer.

For over thirty years, Dr. Nalini has helped thousands of people, many with serious and chronic illnesses achieve and maintain extraordinary health and longevity and is sought out by Award Winning Hollywood celebrities and insiders.

She is listed as a go to clinician in Susanne Sommer’s book Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place. She has appeared as a health expert on NBC TV and has been recognized by WebMD and Dr. Mehmet Oz’s as one of the Top Ten Online Influencers in Breast Cancer.

She writes a very popular blog on health and wellness and cancer prevention and recovery for the prestigious Huffington Post.

  • How to create a body where cancer can’t thrive
  • How to sell signals to your cancer promoting genes to TURN OFF
  • How to grow robust and healthy cells
  • 3 Vegetables that will bolster your immune system and turn on cancer protective genes
  • How to activate 100 genes that will help you prevent cancer

Self-Care Action Steps:

  • 1

    Go buy the 3 foods that Nalini explains above to bolster you and your loved ones from cancer

  • 2

    Download OutSmart Cancer QuickStart Guide now.

  • 3

    Buy "32 Ways To OutSmart Cancer" Create A Body In Which Cancer Cannot Thrive for only $2.99

  • 4

    Comment below on how this will benefit your health and your loved ones.

Write below how you will use this Self-Care Message in your life:

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