Rockin' Self-Care Fridays with Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM

It is 2015 (our third season), in addition to our expert interviews we will be offering concise, life saving Self-Care messages for you. We invite you to join the fun and commit to your best life and health each day! Remember Self-Care is a way of life, not an event and is the only True Health Care. Feel free to comment and pass along each video message to your friends and family.


In our Rockin' Self Care series, each message will:

  • Contain a lifestyle choice that can be life changing when put into use.
  • Contain an idea, strategy or tool you can start applying to your life now.
  • Have a ripple-of-change impact when shared with your friends and loved ones.
  • Help you to choose self-care and be your own self-care advocate therefore avoiding unnecessary suffering.

Watch Dr. Kim's favorite MindBody tools for instantly elevating your mood, your brain state, and your chemistry. The "Instant Elevation Technique!" Follow the 3 action steps and comment on how this will enhance your health below.

February 13th:  Dr. Kim D'Eramo

Dr. Kim D’Eramo is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician who trained at Emory University’s Grady Hospital in Atlanta. She completed medical school at University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she also did fellowship training in Osteopathic Medicine, Medical Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy.

Her bestselling book, The MindBody Toolkit explains the basis for how the prolonged stress state (fight-or-flight response) generates toxicity and imbalance in all areas of the body, and how reversing this stress state restores our natural state of well-being.

Dr. D’Eramo has researched for decades the pathways through which the body heals itself. She has formulated this into multiple tools that can be used anywhere to repattern the brain, send new messages to the body, and restore ideal health physically, emotionally and mentally.

  • Learn Dr. Kim's favorite MindBody tool that immediately turns off the stress response
  • Train your brain to create the result you want in your body and life
  • Get a strategy for integrating this tool to create sustained changes today!

Self-Care Action Steps:

  • 1

    Schedule 3 times during the day to do the Instant Elevation Technique. (i.e. 10:00, 1:00, 4:00)

  • 2

    Comment below with insights on what you felt during this exercise.

  • 3

    Go to for more MindBody Tools! Click on the image below

Write below how you will use this Self-Care Message in your life:

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