Month 11 “Gratitude”
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Gratitude: Susanna Meida, Ph.D.

Susanna Meida

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Susanna Meida, Ph.D.

Susanna Maida, Ph.D., is a wild woman alchemist who surprised herself and everyone who knew her by falling in love with the entrepreneurial spirit. She’s passionate about guiding complex, deep-thinking, heart-centered visionaries, who care deeply about the future of our world to create the soul-satisfying sense of alignment that comes from growing thriving, world-changing businesses doing their great work. Called “a gift from the goddess” by some of her clients, Susanna is known for blending conscious business practices, an orientation to inner transformation that honors the sacred in everything, and a strong focus on cultivating “right relationships” with the complex interweaving threads of work and life.

Call Topic: Sourcing Our Great Work from the Fertile Ground of Gratitude

  • Gratitude is the ground from which we create success in our lives. It’s the fertile soil where we root into the truth of who we are, germinate the seeds of our vision, and grow our great work into a flourishing endeavor that supports us and allows us to make our true mark in the world.
  • The soul yearns for full expression. When you have the courage to honor your calling and bring it out into the world in the form of a thriving business, that’s a powerful path in which your soul can fully express itself. What a gift to be grateful for that we live in a time and place where we can pursue this path!
  • When things get challenging, as they inevitably do in the ebb and flow of life and business, rather than allow yourself to spiral down, engaging in a gratitude practice is a profound way to stay present and in the field of possibility.
  • Everything that exists in this world has a soul, including your great work and your business. If there’s an aspect of your business (or life) that you want to change, begin by partnering with it and listening to the soul of your great work – how does it want to express itself, what’s holding it back, what does it need from you to move forward? Listen and respond in gratitude and the unfolding of your great work will flow forth in ways that may very well astonish you!

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Overview of a Medicine Walk

In a Medicine Walk, you are essentially embarking on an intentional journey into liminal space, the betwixt-and-between space that resides beyond our everyday world of meaning yet this side of the full mystery of the unseen world.

You venture forth with a question held clearly in your heart. On your walk you have an experience in which you allow Nature to reflect back to you wisdom and guidance in response to your question.

Just to be clear, this is not you out on a walk trying to figure out the answer to your question. Instead, you know your question but then you “tuck it in your back pocket” and just allow the mystery of the experience to reveal the insight you need.

You return with a story of your experience, a Medicine Walk Story.

My gift to you is a set of clear guidelines on how to explore your experience in a way that reveals how the soul of your business wants to authentically express itself and what specifically it needs from you to do so.

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[testimonial1 author="Danielle Seville, founder"]“I just did Susanna Maida's Medicine Walk with the Soul of my Business. This was the single most profound exercise I have EVER done for my business. She guided me to go deep into the heart of the sacred Feminine and listen to my business as a living being with a soul that is expressing itself. I went on a divine (physical walking) journey through nature, held in the container of the ritual, and discovered deep inner truths about the work I’m here to do that I never would have found in my logical mind. I then shared the story of my journey with Susanna. She was raptly present with me and reflected my story back to me in a way that revealed even deeper layers of meaning and insight about the work I’m here to do, what it is and how it want to express itself. This is the first time I have clearly seen the inner spiritual gifts and purpose of my work. I now have a vast richness to bring to my clients that I just wasn’t aware of before. I feel so grateful!.”[/testimonial1]

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