Month 11 “Gratitude”
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Gratitude: Stacey Robyn

Stacey Robyn

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Stacey Robyn

Stacey Robyn is the Founder and Steward of the Go Gratitude movement and the Global Director of Dream One World, Inc., a 501-C3 non-profit serving globally, thru loving locally. Stacey's passion is teaching the heART of grateful living through earth renewal ceremonies, energy tracking, studying earth-human resonance fields, and gathering community in celebration and responsible co-creation. Ms. Robyn's vision and mission is to empower Wisdom, Oneness and a Grateful Heart by bridging ancient wisdom with emerging consciousness to birth a world that works for everyone … for this generation and for all generations to come.

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Call Topic: Loving what IS: the heART of Grateful Living

  • Using the Master Key Gratitude to unlock all doors of possibility ... within YOU!
  • What we appreciate, Appreciates ... leveraging the Law of Gratitude to increase health, wealth and prosperity.
  • Super simple secrets for shifting into Gratitude, and WHY this attitude is a powerful one to choose!
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