Month 11 “Gratitude”
Doreen Cumberford, RScP - Join the Self-Care Revolution!
Gratitude: Doreen Cumberford, RScP

Doreen Cumberford

Doreen Cumberford

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Doreen Cumberford, RScP

Doreen Cumberford is an inspiring Speaker, Coach and Trainer whose passion is Coaching Entrepreneurs to live from their vision. She helps them put their unique ideas into action in order to deliver results of their choosing. Her presentations are entertaining, insightful, engaging and packed with meaningful content. Doreen’s passion is seeing your problems transform into quantum leaps for winning in life and business. A native of Scotland and a graduate of Glasgow School of Technology, Doreen has worked in West Africa and Whitehall, London for the British Government. She has worked in corporate America, and has has been a successful entrepreneur in several small businesses. A global nomad living overseas on four continents and in seven countries, including the Middle East, she gained life experience and training which influenced and reshaped the coach she is today. Known for her bold ideas and out of the box solutions, she draws from her personal and professional experiences sharing with her audience ways to bridge cultures, create bigger dreams, and to live and breath these dreams right into existence. Audiences Walk away with real solutions for reinventing their future and seeing real results that propel them towards the success they seek.

Doreen Cumberford

Call Topic: RADICAL GRATITUDE: A practice to leverage well-being and quantum leaping to the life you would love.

  • What is “radical gratitude” and what difference does it make?
  • Gratitude thinking and practices, how to make them fun and meaningful for YOU
  • What is the difference between being “grateful for or being “grateful in?
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