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Be Fabulous At Any Age: Beth Greer, MD

Beth Greer

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Beth Greer, MD

Beth Greer, aka Super Natural Mom, is one of the foremost experts on sustainable and toxin-free living. She is an award-winning journalist, holistic wellness educator, healthy home expert and innovator who eliminated a sizable tumor in her chest without drugs or surgery by making small but radical shifts in her lifestyle. She now teaches her wisdom through her best-selling book, "Super Natural Home" (endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Ralph Nader, Dr. Joe Mercola) her live events, in-home and web-based trainings, radio show, Huffington Post columns, and holistic corporate wellness programs.

Beth has appeared on ABC-TV, NBC-TV, CNN and NPR and is a frequent guest on local and national radio shows across the country. She is a popular speaker at industry expos, private firms, non-profits and schools where she provides a tremendous array of valuable strategies, insights, techniques and proven methods to radically transform your health and vitality. She?s the former President and Co-Owner of The Learning Annex, a nationally renowned adult education company where she empowered thousands to discover new possibilities and make changes in their lives. She continues to empower others to take charge of their health and make simple shifts to create healthy home and work environments.

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Call Topic: 5 Things in Your Home that Will Make You Look and Feel Old Before Your Time

  • Discover which food additives zap your energy and vitality
  • Learn what?s in your tap and bottled water that can impact your hormones
  • Why fragrances in cosmetics, personal care products, air fresheners and candles are so toxic
  • The silent, invisible "thing" in your home that impacts chronic illness the most

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A live, one hour free call with Beth Greer, author of the bestseller "Super Natural Home,"endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Ralph Nader & Dr. Joseph Mercola, on October 8th at 6:00 pm PT on How to Sleep like a Baby, Wake Refreshed and Have More Energy -- Crucial information you need to get a better night's sleep. Click Here to Receive your FREE Gifts

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