Month 10 “Be Fabulous At Any Age!”
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Be Fabulous At Any Age: Alex Giorgio, Psychotherapist

Alex Giorgio

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Alex Giorgio, Psychotherapist

Alex Giorgio is a practicing psychotherapist with a background ranging from biofeedback and spiritual psychology to program development and bioresponsive art. Alex is an author and "vision wrangler" who helps leading entrepreneurs, entertainers, artist and CEOs from all over the globe learn how to fly by the "seat of their hearts."

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Call Topic: Living on the Edge and Loving It: Unlocking Your TypeE Personality

  • Take the TypeE Quiz and discover if you're one of the 5-10% of the population that loves living on the Edge! Have you fully unlocked your TypeE personality or trained it to take a backseat in your life?
  • Are you a TypeE Manager, TypeE Translator or a TypeE Mystic? Find out how to best use your TypeE tendencies to live a life that is fully alive.
  • Uncover the warning signs that may indicate you're about to plunge over the Edge into a state of stress, crisis or even depression. Take the TypeE Critical Zone quiz to discover just how close to the edge you are!
  • Learn the Four Essential Strategies of Successful TypeEs that will enable you to lay claim to your birthright of creativity, uniqueness and passion.

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