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Hosted By: Dr. Robyn Benson

Featured Speaker of the Month:

Season 3

Season Two: Thoughts and Food as Medicine

Featured Speakers of the Month:


Aeron Goldheart

Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC, FDN The Mojo Coach

Rockin' Self-Care Presenters:


Amara Charles

Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Dr. Kim Eramo

Jane Barlow

Season Two: Thoughts and Food as Medicine

Featured Speakers of the Month:


Gretchen Hogg

Jerri Eddington

Rockin' Self-Care Presenters:


Jeffrey Smith - January 9th

Ian Clark - January 16th

Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM - January 23rd

Season 2

Ian Clark, CEO

Julia Ross

Christine Hassler

Steven Kotler

Daniel Gagnon, Medical Herbalist

Tim Blakley, CA

Lisa Lent, Founder and CEO of Vitalah, creators of Oxylent

Dan Gay, CMO

Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D.

Dr. Garry Gordon, MD, DO, MD (H)

Dr. Robert Rowen

Dr. Steve Kineret, Reverse Aging Expert and "The Master of Health and Wellness"

Michael Schwartz

Deborah Eden Tull

Swan Montague, M.A., Ph.D

Zsuzsa Novak, Global Impact Expert

Cheryl Fields, Specialized Financial Planner

Harmony Rose West, MA

Carla Garcia

Miranda Barrett

Dr. Steve Kineret, Wellness, Fitness & Longevity Expert

Erwan Le Corre

Scott Smith, CMO "Chief Motivating Officer"

Coach Brodie Whitney, CPCC and Dr. Mike Smith, TCM, FMC

Eva Selhub, MD

Derek Rydall

Cynthia Kersey

Amara Charles

Earthing, Electro-Sanitizing, and Growing Your Own Garden – Season 2

Michael Mastro, Architect & Robin Mastro, MA Whole Systems Design

Clint Ober

Wolfgang Jaksch, CEO of Swiss Bionic Solutions

Thomas Paladino

Unleash Your Brain Power - Season 2

Natalie Ledwell

Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD

Michael Gelb

Joan Rosenberg, PhD

Debra Cummings

Anette Carlstrom, Awakened Modern Day Mystic

Alyssa Sutton Phillips, Physician Assistant (PA)

Norm Shealy, MD, PhD

Trudy Scott, CN

Steven Masley, MD

Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Roy Heilbron

Dr. Susanne Bennett, DC

Gregg Braden

Kim D'Eramo, D.O. and Mario Torres-Leon D'Eramo, M.D.

Jeffrey Smith

Janet Attwood

Season 1: 2013

Marcia Wieder, CEO

Jim Healthy

Lynn Rose

Roy Heilbron, MD

Bob Doyle

Micahel and Lee McKenzie

Ken Jaques

Cherie Calbom

Robert Evans

Jim Healthy

Sheva Carr

Roy Heilbron, MD

Kristin Kurtz

Elisa Lodge "Wowza"

Val Alarcon

Kris Miller, CHFEB, CSA, LDA

Harvey Zarren, MD

Dr. Kenford Nedd, MD

Norm Shealy, MD, PhD

Michal Curry, CHTP, CYI

Joan Rosenberg, PhD

Sarah Kalomiros, DC

Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD

Angie Welikala, DC, BS

Michelle Manning-Kogler

Celeste Yacoboni

Jennifer Landa, MD

Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN,

Audrey Cole

Thomas O'Bryan, DC, CCN

Dr. Larry Dossey, MD