Rockin' Self-Care Fridays with Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM

It is 2015 (our third season), in addition to our expert interviews we will be offering concise, life saving Self-Care messages for you. We invite you to join the fun and commit to your best life and health each day! Remember Self-Care is a way of life, not an event and is the only True Health Care. Feel free to comment and pass along each video message to your friends and family.


In our Rockin' Self Care series, each message will:

  • Contain a lifestyle choice that can be life changing when put into use.
  • Contain an idea, strategy or tool you can start applying to your life now.
  • Have a ripple-of-change impact when shared with your friends and loved ones.
  • Help you to choose self-care and be your own self-care advocate therefore avoiding unnecessary suffering.
Watch Dr. Robyn Benson's Video here and experience the most powerful life-enhancing technology in the World! Follow the 5 action steps and comment on how this will enhance your health below.

January 23rd: Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM
With over 21 years of experience, Dr. Robyn Benson, D.O.M. is embarking on helping to change the face of healthcare through a fundamentally different approach where "It All Starts With You". This is in response to a modern world epidemic where diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, obesity, cancer, fatigue, pain, stress, anxiety, and depression are running rampant. Many have given up on the current disease-management model of healthcare and are seeking out alternative and effective means to help heal themselves. Dr. Benson has treated over 80,000 patients and traveled to 70 countries working with leaders in self-care, from indigenous people to world experts in the healthcare industry. She has become the ultimate health detective for you by finding these life-changing solutions, which include revolutionary new technologies, techniques, and resources that not only prevent but help to reverse disease.
  • Find out what electro pollutants are lurking in your environment and impacting your brain power, causing restless nights of sleep, irritability and more.
  • Why you want to electro-sanitize your home and the environment around your body
  • Why you do not want to put your lap tap on your lap
  • How to stay healthy in an increasingly electronic world
  • Why it is essential to be outdoors more.

Self-Care Action Steps:

  • 1

    Buy a Gauss meter and check out what negative frequencies are in your home, office, hotel room, car etc...

  • 2

    Read about how Magnetic Resonance Therapy is profoundly impacting lives in the Washington Post..

  • 3

    Do your due dilligence about the amazing benefits of PEMF and sign up for additional information here:

  • 3

    Come by Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal health for a free demo of the Omnium 1.. Only 8 minutes to restore your cellular well-being Call Today: 505-986-1089

  • 5

    Listen FREE to the Self-Care Revolution Interview with Dr. Robyn Benson from Season 2:

Write below how you will use this Self-Care Message in your life:

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