Victoria Moran, HHC (AADP), VLC
Victoria Moran, HHC (AADP), VLC - Join the Self-Care Revolution!
October 8th, 2013: Victoria Moran, HHC (AADP), VLC!

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October 8th, 2013


Victoria Moran

Victoria Moran ( is the author of eleven books including Main Street Vegan, Creating a Charmed Life, and Fit from Within. An inspirational speaker, two-time Oprah! guest, and host of the Main Street Vegan Show on Unity.FM, Victoria also heads Main Street Vegan Academy, a program training vegan lifestyle coaches.

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Call Topic: The Look-Great, Feel-Amazing, Age-Later Lifestyle

  • Get the glow with nature’s favorite foods
  • Make the years coming up your best years ever
  • The Shangri-la Secret: compassionate choices, sweet self-care, & lots of leafy greens
  • Health & beauty are your birthright – for your whole life

Call Information:

Tuesday, October 8th at 1:00pm Mountain

Phone Number: (951) 256-5632
Pin Code: 561722#

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