How to Move from Attitude to Gratitude

attitude to gratitude

An enormous difference to your level of happiness can be changed by adopting an attitude of appreciation towards the things in your life.  Those who are consciously thankful and appreciative feel at peace and happier than others.

People who practice some form of conscious gratitude each day:

  • Exercise more regularly
  • Make more progress toward personal goals
  • Are more enthusiastic about life, more alert and handle stress much better

Some studies suggest that, to a certain degree, our genes determine happiness since it’s true that some people are naturally more optimistic and positive than others. With gentle and persistent practice however, even the most pessimistic of souls can develop a more optimistic and happier mindset.

Take a look at a few ideas for feeling more at peace and happier in your life and how to move from attitude to gratitude:

Try not to compare

Many of us tend to compare ourselves with others – it’s only natural and we mostly compare ourselves with those who are better off than we are.  The fact is most of the problems and obstacles we face every day are trivial when we compare them with others who are having problems.  There are people who have been abused or have no family, people who face serious illness, those who live in great pain or hunger and those who haven’t had the opportunity of education – the list could go on and on.

So the question you need to ask yourself is – am I a glass half empty or glass half full person?  It’s easy to be envious of people who are more successful, have a better job, and wealthier but why do we focus on being envious instead of how fortunate we really are?  These types of feelings cause great damage to our self esteem and overall happiness so we must make sure to choose the right comparisons.

Don’t take things for granted

Only when we lose things that we should be grateful for do we remember how fortunate we were to have them.  Why?  Because we take things for granted.  Take time to appreciate your sight, your family, your health before they’re gone.

Try to see good in every situation

No situation is all good or all bad yet we label them this way in our minds.  The reality is we determine what kind of experience it is by our response to the situation.  We can derive some benefit if we have the right mindset from even the most awful situation.  Some degree of pain is always present in any growth and development so when we experience these bad situations, we should realize that they are opportunities for growth.

Write it down

The one thing you can do every day to ensure that gratitude is a conscious and regular part of your day or week is by performing the act of writing down what you are grateful for.  Listing the things that are good in our lives can be a great experience because it becomes clear that we do have a lot to be thankful for even when we might not think so.  Practice writing these down at the end of the day and you will end up with a record of the things you are grateful for that you can go back and read when you are having a particularly stressful or unhappy day.

Remember the small things

Developing appreciation for anything in life is like a dripping tap that soon fills the bucket and overflows.  Learn to appreciate the small things in every day for it is the small things that will help lead you to greater levels of happiness and gratitude.  Small things like receiving a compliment, a nice text message from a friend or even a smile from someone are all small things to be grateful for.

Just like success requires persistence, all it takes is a little gratitude every day to make a difference in your level of happiness.

Join us next week as we continue our November Series: The Power of Gratitude!

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