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Robyn Benson, DOM, and Kevin Snow

We know you want more aliveness and energy, and to be fully present in every part of your life. We know that you’re committed to your health and well-being, and will take the actions needed to prevent disease and ill-health.

To do your great work in this world you want to have a clear mind, balanced emotions, an energetic body and attuned spirit so that you can manifest what your heart and soul desires with greater ease.

It all starts with Self-Care and the good news is, you don’t have to do it alone!

The Self-Care Revolution™ is here to help.

Meet Nan Akasha, Self-Care Coach™ and Speaker:

The Self-Care Revolution™ is a holistic solution that will allow you to move toward a new health-care paradigm and away from the current disease-management model. It’s history in the making!

It’s the first of its kind: a 12-Month Series featuring world-renowned Speakers and Self-Care Coaches™ who are leaders and visionaries in the field of complementary alternative medicine. They will mentor and guide you by sharing the golden keys that lead to extraordinary well-being and being well.

The Self-Care Revolution™ is about:

  • Choosing healthy food and exercise as medicine instead of drugs, when possible.
  • Identifying a new constructive mindset instead of making choices from a foggy mind.
  • Raising your vibration so you can manifest with ease and grace instead of trying to force things to happen.
  • Creating a happy, healthy and successful life of purpose instead of settling for less than you deserve.
  • Accessing your inner knowing and intuition instead of expecting others to do it for you, with disappointing results.
  • Nourishing your body to strengthen your being instead of going into a downward spiral.
Meet  The Self-Care Revolution™ Speakers in Month 1:

Month One Self-Care Revolution Speakers

And in Month 2:


Coming up are…
  • Jim Kwik
  • Ali MacGraw
  • Olga Stevko MD
  • Wayne Pernell PhD
  • Larry Dossey, MD & Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, FAAN
  • Nan Akasha
  • Sandra Ingerman
  • Norm Shealy, MD
  • Kenny Ausubel
  • Nina Simons
  • Hyla Cass, MD
  • Michael Gelb
  • Foster Gamble
  • James Twyman
  • Celeste Yacoboni
  • Kenford Nedd MD
  • D. Gary Young – Founder, Young Living Oils
  • Bill Wolfe, DDS, NMD
  • Audrey Cole
  • Cynthia Glickman, PhD
  • Jen Landa, MD
  • Sara Gottfried, MD
And so many more…

The Self-Care Revolution™ Speakers will present on the following topics:

  • Month 1: Your Thoughts and Food as Medicine
  • Month 2: Heart and Breath Matters
  • Month 3: Transmute and Release Trauma
  • Month 4: Unleash Your Brain Power
  • Month 5: Restore Your Health by Earthing, Electro-Sanitizing, and Growing Your Own Garden
  • Month 6: Power of Relationships (Self, Others & Money)
  • Month 7: Exercise As Medicine
  • Month 8: Empowerment through the Balance of Your Feminine and Masculine
  • Month 9: Power of You = Power of Community
  • Month 10: Be Fabulous At Any Age
  • Month 11: Power of Gratitude
  • Month 12: Celebrate Life and Pay It Forward!

The Self-Care Coaches™ of Santa Fe Soul are true mentors and guides, a rare phenomenon in the health care experience. Meet them and learn more about them here. You’ll have free access to our Self-Care Coaches™ in the Monthly Q&A Live-Stream Calls. You can also schedule private sessions for an additional fee.

During this 12-Month Series the Self-Care Coaches™ will give you:

  • Tools to learn how to implement the mindset & strategy for living your life “on purpose.”
  • Methods for a beautiful and graceful aging process.
  • Vital information to use on your pathway to radiant living.
  • An empowerment system to track your day-to-day journey.

As a Full Member of The Self-Care Revolution 12-Month Series you get:

  • Weekly 60-Minute Teleseminars with Self-Care Revolution™ Speakers
  • 24/7 access to these Speakers’ weekly interviews. Listen at your leisure! (Free members do not have 24/7 access.)
  • Monthly Q&A Live-Stream Calls with Self-Care Coaches™ to get support and answers to your most pressing health concerns
  • FREE gifts from the Speakers and Self-Care Coaches™
  • Self-Care Journal and Self-Assessment Tools
  • An expanded version of how to live the 11 Self-Care Pathways™ daily

PLUS! Membership in The Self-Care Revolution Exclusive Facebook Community where you’ll share your celebrations, get to know the other members, and interact with Self-Care Coaches.


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with presentations by our
Self-Care Revolution™ Speakers and Self-Care Coaches™,
and many surprises.

If you’ve read this far, you must be ready to enhance and strengthen YOUR health so you have more richness and joy AND help others have the same.

Say “Yes!!” to The Self-Care Revolution 12-month series and you’ll be on track to being all that you were meant to be!!

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