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April 15th: John Brookshire

John Brookshire

April 15th, 2014


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John Brookshire

Magnascent Division of Shield Bearer, Inc., was incorporated in Texas in 2007. This corporation was formed in order to function as the legal entity investigating, producing, and distributing this unique form of iodine, called Magnascent Iodine.

John Brookshire and his wife, June, are the primary owners of this corporation. John was an aerospace engineer, with a strong interest in holistic health. Based on Edgar Cayce readings, John modernized the process and formulated this consumable form of nascent iodine. MAGNASCENT is family owned and operated; from left to right are John’s sons, Jonathan, Matthew, and Daniel Brookshire.

The discovery was made in the struggle to assist his good friend, a missionary in Africa, with a treatment for malaria. When the malaria parasites began to become adapted to the currently utilized medicines, it was found that the Magnascent Iodine filled a need in the mission station against this debilitating disease.

The original purpose was to supply a product that could be used by the missionary to treat malaria, but as he shared his iodine, both on the mission field and with friends at home in the US, word spread of its encouraging results in a variety of applications. This led to the need to produce more and more product and to accept payment for the iodine. Research and development of this iodine product is ongoing, having started with various universities and currently expanding to projects which investigate its use and how to explain scientifically the properties of this product.

Because we are in the unique position of discovering this consumable form of nascent iodine, we applied for, obtained a patent of this discovery and celebrate the achievement of this goal. We believe that we have discovered the only process for making a consumable form of nascent iodine. Several other patents exist for non-consumable nascent iodine and are recognized for their use in fighting infections in those areas.

Call Topic: The Miracles of Iodine, A mineral for modern times

  • What are the differences in iodine and why is Nascent Iodine in particular, your focus?
  • Can you tell us more about your experiences with the Nascent iodine and why it is something people should really focus on it's importance over other iodine derivitives?
  • What can people do to improve their health with it? Is it good for our animals?
  • How can people get a hold of nascent iodine?

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